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Where do I get Free model railway building downloads?

Free downloads

Looking for free kits? Most download companies offer free kits as samplers. Other ranges are entirely free.

So who has the biggest range of kit downloads?

Wordsworth models has a large range of free downloadable kits. The later kits are more advanced. For example, some have transparent glazing. They can be made from 1mm and 2mm card or cereal packets.

They also have some useful texture sheets.

A fire station based on the Wordsworth Download, with a different finish

3DK free brick hut

3DK are a Canadian company. They produce a lot of British Outline kits that can be downloaded. There is a free brick office download that has a lot of detail and a good range of signage. The windows can be printed onto a clear sheet.

The other buildings in the range are good value at less than £4.

Kingsway Models free kits

Kingsway models usually issue a free kit download at Christmas and previous years kits are available for free.

Kingsway Models free kit - classic collect models
Kingsway Models free kit

Free building downloads from have a large range of building downloads available. These are again, quite basic with some unrealistic finishes and roof size issues. I tend to use the basic shape and windows with a better brick or stone paper. The web site design is “interesting” to say the least !

However you can get the whole range for £4.50. A DVD with over 1000 buildings can be bought for £8.50

The web site

Free building downloads on pintrest

Another good source of free downloads is Pintrest there are a large number of UK style buildings.

If you like your kits ready made I do kit builds for all of the popular brands.