Alvis cars, history and model guide

The Alvis car company, Introduction

This Alvis cars history and model guide looks at the history of Alvis vehicles and the available die-cast models. Notably, die-cast Models of Alvis cars have been produced since 1940.

The Alvis car company began life as TG John and Co. Ltd in 1919. They originally made stationary engines and motor scooters. However, they were soon approached by engine designer Geoffrey de Freville who had a design for an advanced four cylinder engine. Consequently, all that was needed now was a car for the engine to propel. The company ceased production in 1967.

The Alvis factory and Showroom in Coventry. Pic Pintrest

The first Alvis car, the 10/30

The Alvis 10/80. Pic. Old Classic Car

The first car model was the 10/30. This vehicle rapidly gained a reputation for build quality and performance. As a result the Alvis Car and engineering company LTD was founded in 1921.

The 10/30 came out in 1920 and was produced until 1923. Notably, It had the De Freville designed four cylinder 1460CC side valve engine. Consequently, this engine had a bore of 68mm and a stroke of 100mm. There were also overhead valve variants. Next, various body styles were available and the chassis could be had for £450 fro the chassis or £470 with a factory body. Top speed was 60 mph and there was a four speed gearbox.

The 1930s

In the 1930’s Alvis produced cars that were advanced for the time. Consequently, they had large six cylinder engines, all synchromesh gears and servo assisted brakes.

The 110 b.h.p. Speed 25 from 1938

Alvis car, chassis types and dates.

Below is a basic listing of Alvis chassis types. Additionally, there were many body and coachwork variations.

  • 10/30 – 1920-23
  • 12/50 – 1923-32
  • 14/75 – 1927
  • 12/75 – 1928
  • Speed 20 – 1931-36
  • Speed 25 1936-40
  • Alvis 4.3 Litre – 1936-40
  • TA21 -1950-53
  • TC108G – 1956-58
  • TD21 – 1958-63
  • TE21- 1953-56
  • TF21-1966-67

Alvis cars in model form

The Alvis cars history and model guide now looks at what is available in die-cast model form. Notably, Alvis cars have been issued by many different model manufacturers since 1940.

Dinky Alvis models

Interestingly, the first model issued was the Dinky 38d Alvis Sports tourer. This was issued in various colours between 1940-49.

More recently models have been released by Top Marques, Franklin Mint, Oxford Die-Cast, Gems & Cobwebs, Matrix models, Ixo and others.

Top Marques Alvis models

The earliest Top Marques Alvis model is the 1934 Speed 20 tourer. This hand built white metal model is made to 1:43 scale and is available for less than £100. Additionally there is a Mayfair bodied version of this model in white.

Moving on, next, comes the lovely 1954 TC21/100 this is available in various colours and versions.

The Alvis TD21 of 1961 is represented by a maroon convertible version.

Matrix Models Alvis models

The Matrix models Alvis 4.3 litre Vanden Plas Tourer ’38 is on sale at Classic Collect Models.

On sale!

Matrix models 1:43 Alvis 4.3 litre Vanden Plas Tourer ’38, £84.99

Guide to Deagostini, Atlas Editions, Dinky Toy car and van models.

Deagostini are a magazine, part-work, company that produces subscriber based magazine series. Nowadays, they focus on larger model vehicles, that are released piece by piece. However, in the past they provided complete models with each magazine issue.

Over the years they have released a a range of magazine / model collections covering famous manufactures of the past, such as Dinky Toys. Binders were also issued for the magazines.

The Dinky toys releases, comprised 70 issues, covering cars and vans based on original Dinky models. The series included French as well as British issued models. There seemed to be little logic in the choice of models issued. With no particular order or date sequence. This ended up pleasing nobody! finally, The magazine run ended in 2019. The original cover price was £7.99 and they were issued every two weeks.

However, The models seem to have been overproduced and the remaining stocks were bought by John Ayrey model wholesalers in the UK.

However,they are attractive models and are still widely available. At the time of writing we still have some in stock, follow the links. The listing below is in issue order.

#1. Triumph TR2 sports (111) UK series, estimate £12.00 (Original model issued 1956-59)

#2. Bedford 10 cwt Van ‘Kodak’  (480) UK series, estimate £12.00 (Original model issued 1954-56)

#3. Cabriolet Ford Thunderbird (555) French series (Original Model issued 1961-69)

#4. Volkswagon beetle (181) UK series, estimate £12.00 (Original model issued 1956-69)

The Jaguar XK 120 was issued in several colours, by Deagostini, some of which do not appear to be original.

#5. Jaguar XK120 coupe (157), green, estimate £15.00 (Original model issued 1954-60)

5c. Jaguar XK120 coupe (157) yellow & grey

#6. Fiat 600D (520) French series, estimate £12.00 (Original model issued 1960?)

7. Morris mini-traveller (197) UK series, estimate £12.00 (Original model issued 1961-70)

8. Citroen DS19 (24cp), French series, estimate £12.00 (Original model issued 1960?)

9. Citroen 2cv (24 t), maroon, French series, estimate £12.00

10. Berline 403 Peugeot (521) Light Blue, French series

11. Fiat 1800 Familiale (548) Light Green, french series

12. Volvo 122s (184) Lilac, UK Series original model 1961-64

13. Renault 4l (518) light blue, UK series, 1962-65

14. Fiat 1200 Grande Vue (531) French series light yellow & blue

15. Studebaker commander (24y) Blue & white French series

16. Renault dauphine minicab (268). French series 1962-67

17. Opel Kadett (540) French series

18. Aston Martin DB3S (110) Grey, UK series

19. Porsche 356A coupe (182) UK range, blue 1958-66

20. Coupe borgward isabella (549) French range

21. Dodge royal sedan (191) 1959-64 UK range.

22. Simca versailles (24z)

23. Ford zephyr saloon (162)

24. Renault fluoride (543)

25. Packard eight sedan (39a)

26. Renault r8 (517)

27. Lincoln premiere (532)

28. Auto-Union racing car (23d)

29. BMW 1500 (534)

30. Peugeot Esso van (25BR)

31. Ford vedette 54 (24X)

32. Jeep (25J)

33. Buick Roadmaster (24V)

34. Simca 5 (35A)

35. Citroen Traction 11 BL (24N)

36. Chevrolet Corvair (552)

37. Simca Aronde P. 60 (544)

38. Peugeot 203 (24R)

39. Austin Atlantic Convertible (106)

40. Opel Capitan (177)

41. Jaguar XK120 Coupe (157)3 Estimate £15.00, blue and maroon

45. Miroitier Estafette Renault (564)

46. Peugeot 403 Familiale (525)

47. Aston Martin DB3S (104)

48. Citroen ID 19 Break (539)

49. Peugeot 402 (24 k)

50. Simca 9 Aronde (24 U)

51. Morris Mini-Traveller (197)

52. Triportteur (14)

53. Morris Oxford Saloon (159)

54. Simca 1000 (519)

55. Peugeot 504 Cabriolet (1423)


57 Ford Taurus 559 lilac

58 Peugeot 203 24R lilac







65 Fiat 1800 station wagon

66 Renault R8 police car 517P




70 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia green/cream (187)

There were also three specials.

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