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Hi, welcome to Classic Collect Models where I write regular posts on railways, transport, and modeling topics.

I also provide a kit building service for all the popular makes such as Metcalfe, Superquick, and Kingsway

I have a new history sub-site named World History Online. This features more general history and mystery topics

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” Hi Geoff, I wanted to write and thank you properly for the tube station models, which all arrived safe and sound this afternoon. I’m absolutely delighted with all of them – and particular thanks for the alterations to the Wansford Little Chef which looks great.

There’s no way I could get these things to look any good, and your skill is very much appreciated on all of the models. Hope to get you to do some more one of these days. Thanks again. Nigel.”

Kit build Delivery times


Turnaround for kit builds is usually five days, however at busy times I instigate a waiting list system. Bulk orders from the same person usually take priority. You can contact me below to find out the current waiting time.

Get your ready built model railway kits here. No time to build kits? Do you have manual dexterity problems?

We provide a kit building service for all of the best known manufacturer’s kits. Metcalfe, Superquick, Kingsway and even Dapol plastic kits.

How wonderful to find a kit build service!!:)

There are so many Miniatures I love, but I’m often frustrated to find that they’re kits!

So it’s really great to find you:).