Oxford Diecast

Model vehicles from Oxford Diecast

Oxford Diecast produces many fine vehicles in 1/76 scale, for model railways and collectors. They also produce N gauge and O gauge models. The range stretches from farm vehicles to aircraft and railways. They also make a range of American cars.

Oxford model trucks
N gauge Oxford model truck

Oxford model trucks

Oxford model trucks are made in two scales 1/76 and 1/148. They include many well know truck manufacturers and haulers.

For example, Scania, AEC, and Volvo. Famous haulers include Tarmac and Eddie Stobart.

Oxford model trucks
Oxford model trucks

Oxford Model Buses

Oxford model buses are also made in 1/76 and 1/148 scales, there are also a few in larger scales. The range is great value with prices from less than £5.00.

Oxford model bus
Oxford model bus

Oxford model Fire

Oxford model fire is a large range of fire vehicles that represent most of the 20th century and beyond. Manufacturers include Bedford,  Dennis, and Leyland.

Cities represented, in the Oxford Fire range include Birmingham London, and  Bradford.

Finally, Oxford also produces a farm range in N and 00 gauge.

Oxford Diecast history

It seems incredible, considering their market dominance but Oxford models were only founded in 1993. Since then they have expanded into licenced products for the BBC and Eddie Stobart. Additionally, they are very prolific with over 500 new items per year.

Now the range includes aircraft and more recently Oxford rail has produced both Locomotives and rolling stock.

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