Oxford Models, guide to their Police vehicle models, from the 1950’s and 60’s. Part 1.

Oxford models guide to their Police vehicles part 1. Oxford models have released a number of Police vehicles from the 1950’s and 60’s, in 1/76 scale, here we look at them in detail. This series of articles is in chronological order and multiple parts.

Oxford Models Police Ford Anglia

The prototype Anglia 105E, 1959-68

The fourth Ford Anglia model, the 105E was released in 1959. Consequently, There was a new engine although it was still a slug. The Anglia Super came along in 1962 with a larger engine.

The Oxford models Police Anglia

The Oxford Models release is of a Panda car, so named because of the two toned colour scheme. Panda cars were meant to replace foot officers in larger rural areas. Hence they were smaller, lower powered vehicles.

The Anglia on eBay

Oxford Models Jaguar MkVIIM Worcestershire Constabulary

The Prototype Jaguar VII M 1954-56

The Jaguar MKVIIM was a powerful car for its time with a 34422cc engine and 190bhp. Top speed was over 100mph, great for catching speeding criminals on the new motorways. The M version now had indicators instead of semaphore arms.

The oxford Models Jaguar VII M Police car

The model has the classic Jaguar MK VII wheel covers and ,for some reason, a sun roof. Jaguars were popular with the Police particularly the Mk 2 (1959-67). The engines were upgraded to 3800cc and the walnut trim painted black.

Oxford Models Blackpool Police Humber Hawk MkIV

The prototype Humber Hawk,1951-52

The later Humber Hawk MK VI was a relatively speedy car for its day, with a 0-60 time of 30 seconds and a top speed of just over 70mph. However, the Mk IV modelled here, was still pretty basic.

The Model

The model is of a Blackpool Police Humber. The MK IV Humber came along in 1950 with a larger 2267 cc engine. Next, the mark V provided a facelift in 1952.

Oxford Models Cheshire Police Morris Minor MM

The prototype Morris Minor MM, 1948-53

The first version of the long lived Morris Minor, was designed during the war and first displayed in 1948. Production continued until 1972. It was initially available as a two door model, with four door versions coming along in 1950. See a later article for more on William Morris and the Nuffield car manufacturer mergers.

The model

The model represents the first version of the Morris Minor with the split windscreen and headlights not on the wings. The headlights were later raised to meet a US specification. This Police car is also of the early two door version. This would have made it awkward to get a prisoner in the back!