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The Atlas Editions Dinky Triumph TR2 is a charming model. The original Dinky version first appeared in 1956, and ran until 1959. Notably, the number was 111 and there were two versions, one in pink and one in turquoise. Both colours are shown, on either side of the box.

Dinky toys began in 1935 and they were made by Mecanno, in Liverpool.

The model

This is quite a heavy little model, with a white painted driver figure. Interestingly, everything is made of metal except for the steering wheel. Moreover, At only 8cm long it will not take up much space in your collection. The paintwork is nicely applied and the bumpers and lights are picked out in silver.

The original vehicle

The Triumph TR2 was produced by the Standard motor company between 1953-55. it was only produced in roadster form. The TR2 was also used for motor racing, and could achieve 125MPH. A TR2 also won the RCA rally.

Atlas Dinky Toys, Modern reproductions-Are They Any Good?

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