Atlas Dinky Toys, Modern reproductions-Are They Any Good?

Atlas Dinky Toys Modern reproductions.

Atlas editions recently made a series of replica Dinky Toys. They ranged from the early sports cars, from 1934 onwards until the 1970’s. French Dinky was also represented with the Peugeot 204 and others. Atlas ceased trading in 2017 but there are still a lot of these models about, are they any good? As the replicas are no longer made, they will probably become collectors items in their own right.

Typical original condition for this model (1948-50)

The Atlas Editions Ford Camionnette De Depannage – Red (25R)

The original Dinky model came out in 1948, it was available in red, green or gray. The Replica comes in a reproduction box that is a fairly accurate copy of the original.

This crane was intended for the French market although it was available in the UK. As with most pre-late 50’s vehicles no windows were fitted. The overall shape of the replica is accurate as is the crane arm. The red colour is shiny and looks correct. Tyres are the correct size and colour. Overall this is agood model and can be had for less than £20.

The forward control lorry was used for many models here are some prices realised from Vectis auctions

The Atlas Dinky Toys Modern reproduction, 1960 Guy Van, Heinz.

An original Heinz van from 1960

The colour match on the replica is excellent and the wheels are the correct type. The original sells for £100 upwards.

The rear doors open as on the original. This is a heavy and attractive model.

Finally lets take a look at the Atlas Editions Dinky town road signs. These are based on one of the early sets from the 1930’s. Dinky models were initially designed to go with Hornby’s 0 gauge model railways.

The replicas come in a yellow box with french text. They are made out of cast metal and are well painted. The original sets are worth over £90 in good condition.

Atlas Dinky Toys Modern reproductions are good models and should be bought now while prices are low.

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