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Welcome to the Dinky models, tankers price guide. Under each model ,below, is a live list of the relevant models on Ebay, useful for market values. These are affiliate links that help to support this site. The actual model description has a coloured background .

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In 1931 Mecanno LTD, makers of Hornby railways introduced a range of die-cast models. The models were ostensibly designed to complement their “0” gauge layouts. They proved very popular and by the end of the 1930’s the range had grown enormously. More than 300 models were listed, this number was never surpassed.

Two pre-war Dinky Cars from the 24 and 36 series

Dinky numbering

Before the war vehicles were given a series number along with a letter to denote the actual type. i.e the 25c was a flat truck while the 25d was a tanker. later, just numbers were used for each vehicle . .

The first Dinky tankers

This Dinky tankers price guide includes every tanker produced from 1936 to 1979.

The first Dinky tanker was the 25d. this was released in 1936. Various liveries were used up until 1950. Pre-war models had white tyres.


Post war versions can be had from £25 – £75 depending on condition. 1930’s models are harder to find in good condition and can be £200 +.

In 1936 the 33f scammell mechanical horse was issued . This also had several liveries and was the last of the pre-war tankers.


Some of the pre-war variants can cost up to £200, later versions cost from £35, for a good clean model

The Dinky Mecanical horse on ebay

In 1948 the Foden 14 ton tanker appeared in blue livery. This was numbered 504.

The Studebaker tanker, number 30p came out in 1952, This was renumbered as 441,442 and 443, and continued on into the 60’s, although it never received windows.

The AEC Tanker came along in 1952 , seen below in the 1955 catalogue. A version of this model was the only tanker in the Dinky Dublo series, numbered 070.

1955 catalogue, page 20

The Leyland Octopus Tanker was issued in 1958, this model eventually received windows.

Atlas editions have issued reproductions of this model. see the bottom of the page

The last Dinky tanker was another AEC, issued in 1966 and again in 1978, just before Dinky shut down. This was numbered 945.

This is a fairly common model and can be had for £10 -£30.

Atlas Editions Dinky tanker reproductions

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