Blend your buildings in to the landscape – Quick tip

Buildings don’t just exist in isolation, they have a context. Grass tends to grow up along the bottom of walls.

All photos, G Whittaker.

There are often road markings and other clues as to the function of a building. Below I added some grass to the edge of the building, this will also hide any gaps! The playground markings make it obvious that this is a school.

School building made of card.

Model the environment by adding textures. The yard below is made of sand ballast. The walls are 4mm balsa wood and the chimney is made of thicker balsa wood. Add a few cows and you have a farm yard scene. Most of this building is made of cereal packets.

A yard made of sandy ballast.

Street furniture and vehicles

Cars and people help to blend buildings into a scene. Below, add a few cars and you are in the 1960’s .