Retro Reviews – Triang, R112 Drop Door, Goods wagon, 1958-70.

Triang R112

Welcome to another retro review. Here we look at a Triang wagon from my Collection. This is the R112 drop door goods wagon, running number M2313. All photos, the author.

The prototype

The prototype drop side wagon was a common sight throughout the stream era. Compare the buffers with the model.

The model – Triang R112 Drop side goods wagon

R112 actually appeared in the first Triang catalogue from 1955, with a NE livery. It became No M2313 in 1958 and remained in the Triang-Hornby range until 1970.

Triang wagons 1955

The wagon was produced from 1958 -1970. This particular version is fairly early with thick plastic walls and some warping. The running gear detail is reasonable. It has plastic spoked wheels with large flanges. The doors open O.K. and there is no number on the base.

Finally, the buffers are damaged as is common with this model. You can get brass or white metal replacements. The entire buffer needs to be cut off and a hole drilled in the buffer beam. Then, superglue in the replacement.

Thanks to the Hornby Railways Collectors Guide and

Common issues.

The most common problem is broken buffers, they tend to loose the sides. Another is the “bannana effect” where the plastic warps. This is usually found on the earlier models.

The box style from 1955-66

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