Yorkdale update #1 – The coal siding

The layout

Yorkdale is a 00 layout set in the 1960’s, it represents a fictional line that would have run from Grassington up Wharfedale to Hawes, in the Yorkshire dales. The line was proposed but never built. The baseboard is 6′ x 4′ with three ovals.

The coal sidding.

At the front of the layout there is a siding. The high ground on the right is made of 10mm polystyrene sheet covered in plaster bandage. It was then painted green using a match pot. The ground cover is Javis moorland mix scatter.

Track was ballasted using the technique here. Ballasting track – top tips. The track was first painted using humbrol dark earth enamel. The top of the rails were then wiped off.

The ballast bin buffer stop

The ballast bin buffer stop was made form a Wordsworth models download as was the hut. This is a cheap way to provide these useful items.


The backdrop is from ID backscenes. These are high quality and good value. Read about the best backscenes here. The road is just painted on to the baseboard . Vehicles are from the Oxford range.