The Warszawa 203 Polish automobile (223/224) -Mag Models 1/43 review.


The Warszawa was a Polish vehicle built from 1951 to 1973 by the FSO Passenger Automobile Factory in Warsaw. Originally based on the Opel Kapitan of 1938. The design similarities are apparent in the 1951 version.

They were popular due to their “bullet proof” design, capable of handling bad roads, bad fuel and heavy use, hence their popularity as taxis.

Now available is a 1/43 scale metal model of the Warszawa 203, that is accurate to the prototype.

The Opel Kapitan of 1938, compare it to the 1951 Warszawa below.

The bulbous nose is taken from the Kapitan.

The rear also resembles the Kapitan.

In 1957 the M20 came along with a restyled front end. The engine was modernised in 1962. Soon after the name was changed to the Warszawa 200.

The 1960’s, design changes

By the 1960’s the archaic design was beginning to look dated. The Warsaw 210 design project was stared to look at new features such as fins, popular in the late 50’s ,and an upgraded engine. Plaster mock ups were created and shown to the company director. He chose the most conservative design! For cost reasons, the basic shape of the front was retained. the rear got a more rectangular ” modern” look.

The new design prototypes were given the designation 203.

The 203 design changes and the mag model.

The images used are of the Mag Models 1964 Warszawa 203. 1/43 scale model. Available in the shop.

Mag modes 1/43 scale Warszawa 203, from 1964

The rear end is more rectangular, for the 1960’s although the front retains the 50’s look with a rectangular grill.

A panoramic windscreen was added along with rectangular ended bumpers. Rubber bumpers were also added. Headlights remained in the wings.

Large rear light clusters were complemented by a reversing light on the right.

In the central part of the cockpit, a chrome-plated, rectangular plaque with type designation – 203 appeared on the grille covering the place for the radio.

This is a nicely detailed model for the money.