The Mainline class 45, D 52, Retro Review

Class 45 Lancashire Fusilier Cat. No. 37068

The Prototype

The class 45, built by British Rail in Derby, was derived from the English Electric built class 40. Consequently the 45’s had a larger engine and were more powerful. The Sulzer 12 LDA 28B engine provided 2500hp. Most importantly the weight was 133 tons. The high weight resulted in the 1-Co-Co-1 wheel arrangement being needed to reduce the axle loading. For example, four eight wheel bogies distributed the weight.

127 class 45’s were built from 1960-62, withdrawal was in the late 80’s. They became known as the Peaks due to the locomotives being named after famous mountains. Later, they were named after regiments, as with this example. D52 was made at BR’s Crew works.

Lovely quality name plate for the era.

The class 45’s were mainly used on the Midland main line. Consequently some were stabled at Leeds and were used on passenger duties on the Settle and Carlisle line.

Classic poster art from 1900, the Settle – Carlisle line opened in 1876
From British locomotives of the 20th century Vol. 3 O.S.Nock

The Mainline class 45 Model

The Mainline class 45 model came out in 1980. Eight versions were produced including some with onboard sound!

From British Model Trains 3rd edition.
Photo, the author.

The buffer beam is simplified and should be red, as with the modern Heljan or Bachmann version. The model is a good runner and negotiates 1st radius curves without difficulty.

Photo, the author.

The bogies are articulated with the end pair of wheels on a pivot. This does make them a pig to get on the track, however! Traction tyres are fitted to the power bogie.

The motor is similar to the Hornby Ringfield unit.

The radiator vents are nicely represented and the paint finish is an attractive mat green and gray.

While not up to modern standards, they can be had for £45 or less, boxed and make a nice addition to your Green period Diesels.

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