Oxford 1/76 Morris J Ice Cream van -Rossi’s , Review.

The Prototype

The Morris J type van first appeared in 1949. It was produced until 1961. They were commonly supplied in chassis form to external body makers. Hence the Ice Cream van. Power was provided by a pre-war 1476 cc side valve engine. There was a three speed gearbox. The Post Office was another big user of this van.

The model

This is a delightful little model. Printing is colourful and excellent, even the windscreen rubbers are represented. Additionally a full interior enhances the appeal.

Rossi’s Ice Cream Parlour was founded in 1931 and still exist in Southend on Sea They continue to operate modern Ice Cream vans.

There is a rear number plate and the stop lights are represented with painted dots.

Any 50’s or 60’s layout would benefit from this model. The Oxford range are still great value!