The Bentley 1/43 continental DHC from Yat Ming Models, Review.

The prototype

The Bentley Continental S2 was produced from 1959 onwards. It featured a new L series V-8 engine. Air conditioning and power steering made this a high end car with a high end price. Mint versions sell for close a quarter of a million pounds, today.

The Continental range was renowned for its Light weight chassis and powerful engines. Body styles included the two door convertible, as depicted by the Yat Ming models vehicle.

The model


The box makes this look like a high end model which it is not. Full marks for this, however.

Once the card cover is removed more delights await. The name of the vehicle is printed onto the base and there is a badge on top of the box. The model could be displayed on a desk without attracting dust.

The body shape is nicely represented and there is a minuscule mascot moulded into the radiator. The lighting cluster is well presented and the chrome work does not seem overdone. The metallic silver paint is well applied and does not have over-scale particles.

The red interior looks a bit plastic and there is a lack of detail on the dashboard. Unfortunate for a model where the interior is so visible. The windscreen wipers are separately fitted.

The rear aspect shows the Bentley badge and the folded down roof which is not painted.

The rearview mirror is part of the windscreen moulding.

Overall this is a great value model at only £14.99