Oxford 7 plank wagon, Rickett’s – Review.

Oxford Rikket twagon review

The model

Welcome to another rolling stock review. Here we take a look at the Oxford models 7 plank wagon, from Rickett’s . Photos by the author. First released in 2014 the Oxford Rail range continues to grow.

Firstly, the model has a paint finish that is well done and some nicely applied lettering.

Neat paintwork and lettering

Secondly, this model has some amazing detail with metal hooks and buffers. The plastic moulded brake gear is incredibly fine. Wheels are metal with pin-point axles. The wheels also have some nicely printed white walls. These are proving controversial!

The Tampo printing of some minuscule signage, is truly remarkable.

Amazing printing!
The makers plate is about 4mm long!


Tension lock couplings are provided in NEM pockets.

Tension lock couplings and finescale metal buffers


The price is excellent and the amount of detail , amazing. The wheelbase is also correct. This wagon can be had for Around £13. Oxford Rail prices are on the rise, so buy now. New releases are approaching the £20 mark

Compare the detail with a Triang wagon from the 1960’s.

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