Model Review – Hornby 4P LMS Compound ( R3063)

The prototype

The 4P has a complicated history with many rebuilds. The version modeled by Hornby was built by the North British Locomotive company for the LMS, between 1924 and 1932. The Midland Railway 1000 series were very similar. The type remained in service until 1961 and none have been preserved.

The model

The Hornby 4P compound was issued in 2011, it has a modern can motor and was part of the Railroad range. The drive is in the Loco with a DCC decoder in the tender. Consequently, there are visible wires, however, this allows for pickups on all the wheels. The body is the same one used for R376, 30 years earlier.

Detailing is adequate although the cab pipework and handles would benefit from painting. The lining is well applied and the model has a nice satin sheen.

Running & drawbacks

This is a light model with poor pulling power, it originally came with traction tyres, however, adding more weight will improve performance. The can motor is quiet and there should be no problem on points.

The DCC socket is in the tender giving plenty of room.

Overall this is a good model with no major problems.


The Hornby R3063 4P compound can be had for £60 -£70, on auction sites.

There is an earlier version made from 1981-83. This model (R376) has the Ringfield motor fitted in the tender and a smoke unit. These can be had for about £50.