Burago 1: 24 scale Mini Cooper, 1969, Review

The prototype

Mini Cooper Mk 1.

The Burago Mini Cooper is a budget model with operating features. The original Mini was in production for an incredible 40 years. Notably, the first model came out in 1959, it was designed by the famous Sir Alec Issigonis.

The car had a two-door design with a transverse engine and front-wheel drive, indeed, this allowed for more passenger room in the cab. Additionally, the car was manufactured in Britain and at sites around the world. There was also a pickup, estate and van version.

Finally, this popular car became a cultural icon in the 1960’s and was featured in the 1969 film The Italian Job.

The Mini Cooper was a rally car variant of the original Mini that had appeared in 1959. The main differences of the Cooper, from the production Mini were a larger capacity engine, up from 848 cc to 997 cc and twin SU carburettors. The Mini Cooper first raced in 1961.

Monte Carlo Rally 1960’s

The Burago Mini Cooper model

Burago is an Italian manufacturer of die-cast models. Admittedly, 1:24 scale is quite large for car models, but not too large to accumulate a good collection in a small space. While not top end, they are good value and have operating features. The Mini reviewed here has an opening bonnet and doors. They are cheap and robust enough to give to children, this Mini is about 5″ long.

The packaging is reasonably robust for the price.

Engine detail is rudimentary, but at least there is one! Additionally, the headlight lenses are nicely done, although the indicators are just painted on. One bugbear for UK collectors is the foreign plates, However, the year is present on the plate, a nice touch.

Next, there is no indication of windscreen rubbers, but the wipers are fine.

The rear aspect is pleasing with moulded rear light clusters, although the indicators are the wrong colour. The Mini badge is included, as is the fog lamp and filler cap.


There are many Mini models at various price points and the Burrago version is good for the money.

I have one available to buy at the time of writing. This is discounted as the box is damaged.

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