The Triang – Hornby R.423 Brake 2nd Maroon Coach. Retro Review.

Welcome to another retro review, here we look at the The Triang – Hornby R.423 Brake 2nd Maroon Coach. This model was in the range from 1962-69 and can be had for £15 – £40. Model images, the author.

The prototype

The BR Mk I coach, not the four panes of glass at the top of the windows.

The Hornby model appears to be based on the BR Mk 1 corridor stock. These coaches looked very similar to the Stanier designed 1932 versions, done for the LMS.

The Stanier design

The Stanier designed LMS coach, note the sliding vent windows, double panes at the top

In 1932 William Stanier became chief mechanical engineer for the LMS. He designed coaches that had 63′ 5″ underframes. The Stanier coach windows had more rounded corners than their predecessor. Additionally, they had sliding vents at the top.

The BR Mk I coach

The model

This was a long lived model, first appearing in 1962 and continuing on into the 1990’s. The model numbered, 35024 was in production from 1962- 1969. The maroon colour is accurate, compare with the LMS coach above. Later, BR lining was less elaborate.

This particular model has the post 1965 box. Condition is fair with some wear on the destination board. The lining and printing is quite good for the era. There is an interior seating unit and the corridor is represented. Glazing is not flush although it has some printed detail.

The original price was £2 10s!

The walkway is nicely represented, however the buffer beam is a bit sparse. The buffer heads are too small and there should be a handrail. However, the door moulded detail is effective.

BR MK I coaches, note the handrail and buffer heads. Image G Whittaker. The roof vents are larger than the model and you can see an open slide-down window .

The Bogie is a plastic moulding and the detail is not bad, it has metal wheels with pinpoint axles. The weight is not to great and running is fine, even on 1st radius curves.

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