The Tri-ang, 1955 first edition catalogue, part 2.

This is part two of a series looking at the Tri-ang 1955 catalogue, page by page. Page 3 of the 1955 catalogue featured an electric goods set and two clockwork sets.

The No. 3 Goods set

The R3 set had a Jinty locomotive , a bolser wagon, a 7 plank wagon, a GW van and a NE brake Van.

  • R10, 7 plank Goods wagon
  • R11 goods van in GW red
  • R17 Bolster wagon
  • R16 brake van

The R.52 Tri-ang Jinty was produced from 1952 until the mid 1970’s.

There were also 12 curves and two straights, of standard track, finally a battery box was included.

The No. 5 clockwork set

The No.5 clockwork set featured an 0-6-2 tank, two vans, two wagons and a circle of standard track.

This is another rare set that is hard to find.

The final set on page 3 was the R.4 passenger set featuring the same loco as the R5 set but with two short , acetate, LMS coaches.