The Maxichamps Mercedes Benz 200, 1968 in Yellow, Review.


Mercedes Benz first produced cars in the 19th century.

Karl Benz was the first to use an internal combustion engine in a car. This was the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen

The prototype

The Mercedes Benz 200, 1968 version

Confusingly, Mercedes Benz issued a number of vehicles with the “200” designation. The model reviewed here represents the 1968, smoother look version, without fins.

The Earlier 200 model with fins.

In 1968 Mercedes Benz released a finless version of the mid 60’s W110. The fins were a fifties design feature that was beginning to look outdated. Consequently, the new design had smoother looks. The four-cylinder version of the car was marketed as the 200. Design changes included the headlight cluster and the radiator. The headlight and indicators became one unit while the radiator was less rounded.

The model

The model has a diecast body with plastic wheels. The overall look of the vehicle is captured nicely. Door handles are separately fitted and a rather fragile radio aerial sits on the wing.

The 200 model number and logo are present on the boot. As with most Minichamps models, no number plates are provided. However, after-market decals are available.

Overall these are good value for money .

Norev also produced a 1: 18 scale model of the 1968 200. This has opening doors.