Oxford Models 1/76 Bentley Blower 1930, Model Review

Over the years the Bentley Blower has been popular with both die-cast and plastic kit manufacturers. Everyone from Airfix to Franklin Mint has had a version available. Additionally, scales from 1:76 to 1:12 are represented. So how does the Oxford models 1:76 scale model fair?

The prototype Bentley Blower

The first 4.5 litre Bentley cars appeared in 1927 and were fitted with various body styles. At the time a race win made for a good marketing boost. Hence the 4.5 lire was given a racing body and supecharger.

The Bentley Blower was developed from the Bentley 4.5 litre car, to win at le Mans. Consequently, The car won the 500-mile endurance race at Brooklands in 1929, with a top speed of 137mph.

The 1930 Bentley Blower, image Autocar

Bentley Blower Models and kits

Minichamps Bentley Blower

Diecast models of The Bentley Blower have been produced by several manufacturers. Minichamps have a 1:43 scale and 1:18 scale version.

The Minichamps 1:43 scale version of the Bentley Blower

The Minichamps 1:18 blower has spectacular detail

The Minichamps 1:18 scale Bentley Blower

The Franklin Mint Bentley Blower

For around £200 you could have a spectacular 1:24 scale Blower from Franklin Mint.

The Franklin Mint Version of the Blower

The Spark 1:18 Bentley Blower

Perhaps the most expensive version of the Blower was produced by Spark, at £249.

Plastic Kits

Airfix Bentley Blower kits

Various plastic kits of the Blower have been produced, one of the earliest was the Airfix 1:32 scale version, issued in the 1960s.

Airfix 1:32 scale Bentley Blower.The earlier version of the bagged packaging artwork.
The 1970s , bagged version of the 1:32 scale blower.

The Airfix 1:12 scale blower kit is still available for About £100

The Revell 1:24 scale Bentley Blower

Revell also produced a 1:24 scale blower for around £40.

The Revell 1:24 scale Blower

The Heller Bentley Blower

Finally, Heller produces another 1:24 scale version for around £30.

The Heller 1:24 scale blower

The Oxford models Bentley Blower.

The Oxford models version is a lovely little thing. The body and wings are die-cast metal while the radiator and wheels are plastic. Wheel spokes are represented by painted embossing on clear plastic. This looks fine at this scale.

The number on the radiator is well printed. Even the mascot is present. Dashboard dials are present but are not detailed.

The racing number is present as is the mascot.

The rear lights are picked out in red.


There is a remarkable amount of detail for such a small scale, including minuscule hub caps and bonnet belts. For the price, you cannot go wrong.