Kingsway, Walthamstow LT central bus garage , Lit version,ready-made


A large and impressive building

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Kingsway, Walthamstow LT central bus garage , ready-made

This build includes everything shown in the images except the vehicles. It is mounted on a wooden base.

The shed is lit and there are street lamps. Also the downstairs of the office building is lit.

Walthamstow garage was originally a tram depot, later a trolleybus depot, and finally a bus garage. The fine ‘Tramways Offices’ building still stands surrounded by a modern housing estate.

This large kit builds the front of the main garage shed and the former tower wagon shed, along with the office building.

Despite the various buildings being half relief, the model requires an area approximately 27″ x 18″. This will provide an area that can be used as a bus parking yard, and also a small part of the road that passed outside. 

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Weight 4 kg
Style of House

Half relief front – two half relief pairs of houses, Half relief rear – three half relief pairs of houses, Full version – one full pair of semi-detached houses