Kingsway, 00 scale model shops,1960s or 70s, Ready-Made


Kingsway, 00 scale model shops, 1960s or 70s, Ready-Made Building

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Kingsway, 00 scale model shops,1960s or 70s, Ready-Made Building

These 00 scale model shops have six different shop fronts available. You can have two different sets of shops as well as a Tesco store.
leave a note with the order.
Dimensions, 10″ x 2.75″, includes pavement.
Made of 1.5mm card.

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We offer a kit building service for all the popular card kits. The price shown here includes the price of the kit and construction.
This will be a ready to plant building built to a high standard. If you have any special requirements please contact us.

The fully finished building will be shipped five days after payment is received. Delivery will be three days after that.

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00 scale model shops and Lost shop chains

This set of shops includes a Wimpy Bar. Wimpy was originally an American company and opened the first Wimpy bar in the UK, in 1954. Fast food and Rock n roll arrived at about the same time. As of 2024 there are still over 60 Wimpy Bars in the UK.

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Style of House

Half relief front – two half relief pairs of houses, Half relief rear – three half relief pairs of houses, Full version – one full pair of semi-detached houses