Welly 1/18 scale Porsche CayeneWelly 1/18 scale Porsche Cayene

Welly 1/18 scale Porsche Cayene in black metal model


Large scale super detailed model at a nice price.

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Quality metal model mode by Oxford Diecast

Top Gear Says “The grandchild of the original Cayenne, which famously transformed Porsche’s fortunes when it elbowed into showrooms in 2002.

It’s taken some people many of the years since to get used to the idea of a Porsche SUV, but like it or not, after 700,000+ sales it’s still going strong (that number would be higher if it hadn’t spawned the Macan). This all-new, third-generation car is the fastest and lightest of the lot, which says something about the amount of engineering effort they’ve heaped into it.”

The Porsche Cayene

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