Metcalfe Model building, Lighting Kit From Classic Collect Models.


Get all you need to light Metcalfe buildings in one place. There are enough materials for 2-3 buildings, requires soldering.

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Metcalfe basic lighting kit

There are enough materials for 2-3 buildings, requires soldering.

Kit contents list

  • 1 x instruction sheet
  • 10m red hook up wire
  • 10m brown hook up wire
  • 1m self adhesive copper tape
  • 6 x 3mm white LED , 12v
  • 6 x 3 LED strip, 12v (self adhesive)
  • 36cm, 4.8mm x 7.9mm rectangular tubing
  • 1 x roll 6mm masking tape
  • 1 x 20ml tube of UHU glue.

All the LED lights provided operate on 12v DC, you can use an old controller or a wall wart to power them. These are available on Amazon for around £10. Another good source for cheap power supplies is charity shops. Any 9-12v DC supply at 0.5A upwards will do.

There is some basic soldering involved, mainly to join the wires to the copper strips. Masking tape can be used to keep the wires in place.

Single LED lamps can be attached to the ceiling cards by cutting a couple of holes and threading the wires from the top. Square tubing is used to keep the wires in the room corners. Cut a corner off the floors or ceilings to clear the wires. The 3mm LED’s can be bent downwards to simulate light bulbs….

… more in the instruction sheet…