Dapol Platform figures – unpainted kit.


A useful pack of injection moulded figures.

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The Dapol Platform figures are ex Airfix and nicely moulded.

Airfix lineside railway kits –  history

Airfix first made a range of 00 railway kits in 1957. They came in plastic bags with a card header.

There were 26 kits in the initial release including the bungalow, signal box and detached house.

Airfix railway kits

Airfix rolling stock kits.

By 1960 the range was expanding. The Esso tank wagon and railbus were the first rolling stock kits to be produced. They came is a distinctive box with a vertical stripe. Eleven rolling stock kits were produced.

airfix esso tanker kit

Airfix buys Kitmaster.

In 1962 Airfix bought the kitmaster range of Locomotives and coaches. Only the locomotives were re -released and remain in production today.

In 1984 Airfix sold the tooling for the lineside kits and locomotives to Dapol. Most of the range is still in production even though some of the moulds are 60 years old!

See the full Dapol range.


Dapol Kits

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